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Dental Sintering Tray

$150.00 $201.00

Sintering Tray for Dental Sintering Furnaces. High purity alumina crucible for sintering zirconia. Recommended to be used with our high temperature furnaces.


  • Purity: Al2O3 > 99.5%;  Fe2O3 < 0.01%
  • 100% impervious
  • Maximum working temperature: 3180°F or 1750°C
  • Density: > 3.8 g/cm3

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  • Is this approximately 3 inch? Do you have a pic I could see also. Thanks.

    It's 3.93" x 1.57" x 0.78"

  • Will this sintering tray fit in my Shenpaz Sintra Plus sintering furnace? Also, is this tray possible to use with NO beads? Looking for a beadless tray.

    No it will not fit in the Sintra Plus. 
    You also need beads to sinter with these trays, unless the a long span bridge is re-enforced with anti-warp support. Only then can you place the long span bridge standing on the supports, with no beads. 

  • Do you carry the wave ring and sintering tray for a Dekema 664?

    No, we only carry universal trays. 

  • If it is only 4cm wide how do you fit bigger full mouth arches?

    If the full arch is larger, then we would flip the tray upside down, and stand the full arch up on the stabilizer on top of the tray.